See what your
customers see.

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MicroMetrics’ Customer Insight Platform empowers retail, QSR & franchises to make critical decisions using real-time customer insight.

Why MicroMetrics?

Your business is your specialty. Customer insight is ours.

Collect richer, more contextual data.

At MicroMetrics, we are passionate about helping you collect actionable data to drive organizational change, improve customer satisfaction, and boost your bottom line.

We help you gain confidence in your decisions by capturing an accurate snapshot of your full customer base. Engage your customers with customized micro-surveys on the spot – when their feedback matters most.

MicroMetrics clients see engagement rates of up to 27%, over 9x the industry average.

Your business, only smarter.

We provide you with an effective way of collecting information from walk-in customers while the experience is still fresh in their minds. In other words, you can ask your customers anything you want.

Not sure how to get started?

Whether you’re uncertain what questions to ask or how to optimize response rates, we’re here to help. We’ll point you in the right direction, so you can get back to running your business with confidence.

1 Engage your Customers

At MicroMetrics, we go beyond data collection. We facilitate meaningful interaction between you and your customers.

With tablets deployed throughout the store and a built-in rewards platform, you can interact with your customers from the moment they enter the store right through to their next visit.

Find out what your customers are thinking and easily reward them to increase basket sizes & decrease churn.

2 Turn Data Into Insight

With on-the-spot collection and real-time analytics, you get the insight you need to improve your customers’ experience.

With MicroMetrics, you can quickly:

  • Grow your mailing list for targeted campaigns;
  • Measure & optimize your marketing ROI;
  • Identify & enforce important employee best practices.

Our role-based reporting makes sure employees see the insights that matter to them. Managers can monitor customer satisfaction throughout the day and notify staff when they are under-performing.

3 Make better, data-driven decisions

By capturing customer feedback on the spot, you can add confidence to your decisions with more honest responses & a fuller snapshot of our customer base.

Test company initiatives before implementing them company-wide, or quickly determine why certain locations are under-performing and react promptly to increase revenue & improve customer experience.


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